Frozen Food

Frozen food packaging machines

Frozen food is the most diverse category in the grocery store. Products range from single ingredients like fruits and vegetables to complete heat-and-eat meals for the whole family. There is something for every meal, from breakfast to lunch to dinner, plus snack time and dessert. Our complete portfolio of packaging machines can wrap, fill, bag, carton, and case pack all your delicious products!

Specific segments we serve

Product handling, cartoners, and case packers for single-serve and family-size trays; vertical baggers for IQF skillet meals.
Flow-wrappers, product handling, cartoners, and case packers for traditional pizzas, mini pizzas on trays, and French bread pizzas.
Appetizers and snacks
Flow-wrappers, vertical baggers, cartoners, and case packers for bite-sized apps and snacks, burritos and empanadas, etc.
Meat and seafood
Flow-wrappers, cartoners, and case packers for burger patties, chicken portions, shrimp and fish, IQF seafood
Breakfast foods
Flow-wrappers, product handling, cartoners, and case packers for waffles, pancakes, sausages, trays and bowls, sandwiches, egg bites, and burritos.
Vegetables, potatoes, and fruits
Vertical baggers, cartoners, and case packers for IQF veggies and fruits, bulk veggie and fruit blends, and different potato products.
Pies and cakes
Product handling, cartoners, and case packers for small to large pies and cakes.
Ice cream and novelties

Fillers, flow-wrappers, product handling, cartoners, and case packers for tubs, cups, cones, sandwiches, and popsicles.

Flow-wrappers, vertical baggers, product handling, cartoners, and case packers for garlic loaves, toast slices, rolls and biscuits.

Packaging frozen food before in-home freezers existed

Syntegon frozen food expo part I

Since its beginnings in the late 1970s, the frozen pizza market has seen many brands come and go, with a few leading the way into the 21st century – most of them packaged with Kliklok cartoners.
Syntegon is your expert in pizza packaging solutions!

Syntegon frozen food expo part II

Unusual shapes and a cold, moist environment makes automated ice cream packaging tricky. We have been successful nevertheless since the market’s early days. We even invented and improved quite a few of the machines that made it possible, as you can see on our new ACE topload former.

Syntegon frozen food expo part III

A lot of delicious food has traveled through our packaging machinery on its way from big and small companies to your home freezer, including original TV dinners on Kliklok cartoners decades ago. We like to think we’re experts in packaging frozen meals. We think our customers would agree!

Choose your frozen food packaging solution


Horizontal flow-wrapping

Syntegon’s flow-wrappers feature hygienic washdown and are flexible to accommodate a wide range of your products: burritos, sandwiches, waffles, ice cream novelties, meal trays, and even full-size pizzas!


Vertical bagging

Syntegon’s SVC hygienic baggers offer full washdown capability and can produce up to nine bag styles on one machine. Package all kinds of IQF foods from fruits and veggies to snacks and seafood in eye-catching bag styles with built-in consumer convenience!


Viscous liquid filling

Accurately fill your dairy and food with the new LFS inline filling machine for preformed cups. The LFS is a flexible and easily adaptable system, as it allows you to retrofit modules and machine functions without much effort. Adapting your machine to changing market requirements has never been easier. When it comes to food safety, the system provides unparalleled quality thanks to its Clean or Ultra Clean hygienic version, filling a broad range of dairy and food products into preformed containers, cups or trays.


Product handling and loading

Successful carton loading requires you to collate, stack, turn, reorient, and accurately time products. We offer a variety of machines to complete those crucial tasks, backed by our latest robotic system. With our RPP. you can easily place naked products for wrapping, or load those products into cartons.



Topload, endload, and wraparound sleeve

With our broad portfolio of topload, sideload or wraparound cartoning machines we will provide the best fit for changing production requirements. As a reliable partner for cartoning technology, we support aspiring start-ups and global market leaders. Our flexible and efficient cartoning solutions allow you to automate single process steps or implement completely integrated systems.


Case packing

Syntegon’s case packers are the number one choice for end-of-line packaging of frozen foods in flow-wraps, bags, and cartons. Our case packers ensure optimum end-of line packaging with the highest format flexibility. Case formats include topload, sideload, wraparound, and wraparound with hood, to accommodate hundreds of pack styles from standard shipping cases to retail-ready display cases.


Helping our customers overcome challenges and achieve goals

Mydibel meets potato challenges

“With Syntegon we have found a reliable partner that anticipates our needs with technological advancements, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition.”

– Carlo Mylle, CEO, Mydibel Group


Helping our customers overcome challenges and achieve goals

New sustainable flexible packaging from Syntegon and SABIC

“When it comes to sustainability, we make sure brand owners don’t have to compromise on speed and quality.”

– Pierre Hamelink, Sustainability Strategy at Syntegon


Helping our customers overcome challenges and achieve goals

Upgrading and expanding frozen meals packaging

Challenge: provide a new system capable of handling 19 unique SKUs, including semi-rigid paper trays. Challenge accepted!


Helping our customers overcome challenges and achieve goals

In a tight spot: Hygienic packaging in limited floor space

Space constraints within the customer’s plant and their hygienic requirements for this application made this project a challenge.

Expert Services
Expert Services

We support you throughout the entire machine life cycle, from spare parts management to digital line optimization. Service agreements are a key element of our portfolio structure. Together, we tailor our solutions to your individual needs. Our global network of experts supports you with maintenance planning, technical support, and modernizations, as well as operator training and end of life services. With our digital solutions, you gain control over your production processes and create transparency on product and machine data anytime, anywhere.

Maintenance & Support
Maintenance & Support

Spare Parts
Spare Parts

Frozen food packaging downloads

Frozen food packaging machine portfolio
Frozen food packaging machine portfolio

Frozen foods are manifold, and so are our systems, from flow-wrappers to case packers.

Sustainability in frozen food packaging
Sustainability in frozen food packaging

Get our white paper on efficient and sustainable packaging for frozen food.

Meet today’s food safety regulations
Meet today’s food safety regulations

The secret to safe production and reduced recalls lies in hygienically designed machines. Read our white paper to find out more!

Safety and flexibility in vertical packaging
Safety and flexibility in vertical packaging

Safe food production relies on flexible vertical packaging. Curious to know why we are leading the field? Explore our latest white paper.

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Interested in frozen food packaging machines?

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